Cleaning DPF

Cleaning DPF


Cleaning DPF can be done in so many ways according to the kind of filter that needs to be cleaned. The method of cleaning active as well as passive filters may differ depending on the manufacturer. Overall, certified service providers are the only one knowledgeable in cleaning a diesel particulate filter. There are particular guidelines provided by the manufacturers given to their certified service providers to make sure the filters are properly cleaned and maintain a long life. So if you want your filters to be properly cleaned and last longer, you should entrust it to certified service providers.


Cleaning DPF – Global DPF

Cleaning PDF is a method of removing or oxidizing trapped or blocking particulate matter. Oxidizing particulate matter is done by placing it in a kiln and bakes it for a certain period of time at high temperature. It is important to have a knowledge on how soot build-up occurred whenever your cleaning the Global DPF because the cleaning method may change for some other filters. Throughout the regeneration process, the soot must be oxidized due to the fact that the Global DPF is an active filter. The recommended cleaning of Global DPF must be cleaned once a year except for any abnormal build up.


Cleaning procedure for Global DPF

There are several steps in cleaning DPF. You must follow these steps in order to properly clean your filter. Global DPF filter has a modular design that’s why it is easy to remove and reinstall.

Here are the steps in cleaning PDF:

  1. You need to remove the filter element carefully from the burner.
  2. Get the weight of the filter element and record it.
  3. Look for soot build up.
  4. Wash the filter with high-pressured water.
  5. See if there is residual conglomerate particulate matter.
  6. Oxidize by baking it in a kilt for about six to eight hours at a specific temperature.
  7. Remove any residual ash by using a vacuum or a blower.
  8. To make sure there is no more particulate matter left, inspect the filter thoroughly.
  9. Put back the filter to the burner carefully.


Cleaning DPF – Authorized Service Partners

Cleaning DPF must be done by the professionals, the authorized service partners. For the assurance of the proper handling and caring of the filters, Global DPF provides trainings and certification for all its partners. They have been provided with the right tools and guidelines to ensure personal safety and maintain the life of the filter as well as your vehicle. If you’re looking for an Authorized Service Partner that will certainly help you, just call 877-432-6649 or simply click here.



DPF Cleaner

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