Diesel Exhaust Filter

Diesel Exhaust Filter

A diesel exhaust filter, better known as a diesel particulate filter,is a mechanism that traps particulate matter contained in diesel fuel exhaust to stop it from polluting the air.  The filter is later regenerated to burn off the accumulated particulate matter.  The regeneration process can vary from minutes to hours depending on filter make, model and type. The Global DPF is a level 3+ CARB verified active diesel particulate filter that regenerates in less than 10 minutes under normal operating conditions.

Diesel Exhaust Filter– Substrate Materials

A diesel exhaust filter, or DPF, can be made with different types of materials to trap the particulate matter. Examples include ceramic cordierite, silicon carbide, ceramic fiber metal-mesh. The ceramic cordierite filters are generally less expensive but they also have a lower melting point. If the ceramic cordierite filter becomes excessively packed, this can be an issue during regeneration. Silicon carbide and ceramic fiber diesel exhaust filter units have increased filtration ability and higher melting points making these a preferable option to the ceramic cordierite.  Metal-mesh filters are the most durable and therefore more expensive option upfront. In the long run, however; metal-mesh filters will save you both time and money. Since metal-mesh substrates can heat up and cool quickly they allow for shorter regeneration times. This means, your diesel vehicle will be in use much more quickly allowing for less down time and more hours of productivity.

Diesel Exhaust Filter – Global Diesel Particulate Filter

The level 3+, CARB verified, Global DPF diesel exhaust filter, uses a metal-mesh substrate to trap the particulate matter and achieve PM emissions reductions by at least 85%. Once the PM is trapped during engine operation, regeneration is needed to clean it out.  To initiate the regeneration of the Global DPF, the vehicle operator is required to push a button on the controller. The controller signals fuel to be injected into the burner portion of the filter where it is heated. The particulate matter is safely ignited by the heat and burned away. The metal-mesh substrate heats and cools quickly so this allows for a 10 minute or less regeneration cycle under normal working conditions.

Diesel Exhaust Filter – Purchasing the Right Filter For Your Needs

Authorized Global DPF Distributors have the ability to collect data from your fleet and analyze it to determine which diesel exhaust filter options are best for your needs.  To find an Authorized Distribution Partner near you call 877-432-6649 or click here.



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