DPF Filter

DPF Filter

A characteristic of the diesel engine is that it emits a lot of dirt and particles to the environment. This problem has been countered using modern day technology. A DPF filter is an ingenious piece of equipment which is used to remove soot and other particulate matter from the ignition system of a diesel engine. It has been documented that automobiles equipped with a DPF filter have shown much lesser environmental pollution and increased engine output than vehicles without the gadget.

Classifications of DPF Diesel

Although there are various modifications of the filter, the technique used by each filter is the same. For example, it forces gases to run through it and consequently cleans the gases.  An individual trying to find an appropriate device might be taken aback by the variants which have flooded the market. A few will be discussed here.

Firstly, the cordierite wall filter is one of the most common DPF filters a customer will see. It uses a ceramic catalyst which is recovered once the filtration process finishes. This gadget has high efficiency and a lower price than the other filters. The downside of this variant is that it melts at a very low temperature and hence it cannot be used for larger vehicles which incorporate high speeds or a high flux density of combusted air.

To counter the problem of adapting to high temperatures, silicon carbide filters have appeared at the market. The melting temperature of ceramics is extremely high but the drawback is that thermal gradients cannot be tolerated by ceramics. This means that if the vehicle accelerates quickly to a greater speed, this may lead to failure of the DPF filter by thermal cracking. Engineers trying to find a remedy to this curse have come up with larger cores which are made in segments and each segment is joined by a special kind of cement. This cement is then given a tolerance to expand. Nonetheless, these filters are more expensive than cordierite wall filters. Moving on, metal fiber flow filters are also available at the market. These are woven together in such a way that they give the user a definitive edge on the cleaning effect. The major advantage they have is that electrical current can be passed through them which increases the proficiency and reduces degradation of the device. Metal fibers have high conductivity and this escalates efficiency of the gadget. The only drawback is that this filter is more expensive than its other counterparts.

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DPF Filters

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