DPF Filter Cleaning

DPF Filter Cleaning

DPF Filter Cleaning can be done with several methods depending of what kind of filter you will be dealing with. Every manufacturer has their own approaches on how to clean both active and passive filters. Generally, DPF Filter Cleaning must be done only by the certified service providers. Manufacturers of these filters provided specific guidelines to those certified service providers so that they can perform the task of cleaning the filters properly to maintain its long life and stability. You will be guaranteed that the filter will be properly cleaned by these certified service providers.

DPF Filter Cleaning – Global DPF

DPF Filter Cleaning is actually a procedure in which trapped or even collected particulate matter is eliminated as well as oxidized. Oxidizing the particulate matter is done by baking it inside a kiln with significantly high temperature for a particular length of time. In cleaning the Global DPF, it is very essential that you are aware on how the accumulation of soot takes place; this could be the basis of what cleaning approach will be used for some filters. The Global DPF is a type of an active filter and most of the accumulated build ups must be oxidized for the duration of the regeneration procedure. Without having any remarkable accumulation, once a year cleaning of the Global DPF is recommended.

DPF Filter Cleaning – Global DPF Cleaning Process

During DPF Filter Cleaning, there are several steps that needs to be followed to make sure your Global DPF filter is properly cleaned. The Global DPF filter element is easy to uninstall and reinstall as a result of its modular style.

  • Cautiously take out the filter element from the burner.
  • Weigh the filter element and document present weight.
  • Examine visually the filter regarding soot build up.
  • Use pressurized water to wash the filter extensively.
  • Visually check the filter for any residue of conglomerate particulate matter.
  • Bake it in a kiln for 6 to 8 hours at particular temperatures.
  • Vacuum or perhaps blow out the filter to clear away the remaining ashes.
  • Check out visually the filter to make sure that all particulate matter has been eliminated.
  • Cautiously reinstall the filter towards the burner.


DPF Filter Cleaning – Certified Services Providers

DPF Filter Cleanings should only be executed by certified service providers. Global DPF educates and certifies all its service providers to guarantee proper maintenance as well as the proper handling of the filters. They have been provided with the right tools and procedures to promote personal safety and lengthen the life of the filter and especially your vehicle.



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