DPF Performance

DPF Performance

To maintain the good running condition of your vehicles, the engines should perform well. Performing well means the engine should be freed from any contaminants that may cause damage and other system problems. Diesel Particulate Filter has been widely used in order to lessen the emissions of particulate matter from the engine exhaust. It collects soot accumulation and requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Its aim is to reduce at least 80% of diesel particulate matter. To ensure DPF performance, it must undergo regeneration, wherein the accumulated particles are burned at high temperature.

The use of Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF is the most efficient technology in controlling particulate matter emissions. Mostly of the diesel-engine vehicles are equipped with DPFs. Manufacturers of vehicles were convinced that this device will definitely improve the performance of their vehicles.

How to Maintain a Good DPF Performance?

Diesel Performance must go through several procedures to be tested and verified. And these tests should be reliable, accurate and has repeatable results. Here are some of the important factors on how to maintain good DPF performance:

  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning – this is the most important process in maintaining a good DPF performance. DPF cleaning can be performed in different ways considering the type of filter your vehicle has. Each manufacturer of DPF has provided manual on how the cleaning will be done or you can simply ask the assistance of authorized service providers. DPF can either be cleaned through regeneration or with the use of DPF cleaning equipments (for trucks, buses, trailer, etc.). Please refer to Cleaning DPF for more information about this.
  • Regular Maintenance – DPF should undergo proper maintenance at least once a year depending on the level of accumulated soot. Once the warning signal lights on, then it’s time for its regeneration process. You can choose from 3-month maintenance or the 1-year maintenance. (Remove Diesel Particulate Filter)
  • Filtration – the process of elimination toxic contaminants such as bacteria, water, microbes and the like. Check out Diesel Filtration.

DPF Performance – Contact Certified Service Providers

Handling properly of the Diesel Particulate Filter is necessary for DPF performance. Global DPF and it service partners ensure that our Certified service Providers are well trained and fully knowledgeable in handling DPF. They offered high quality services in cleaning, maintaining, and prolonging the life of DPF. If you want to find certified Service Provider near you just call 877-432-6649.



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