How To Clean A Diesel Particulate Filter

The DPF Cleaning

Do you know how to clean a diesel particulate filter? In fact, cleaning DPF can be made through various methods and it largely depends on the kind of filter to be cleaned. Depending from manufacturer to manufacturer, cleaning process of passive and active filters may hugely differ. Generally, the cleaning of the diesel particulate filter should be only carried out by certified service partners. The different manufacturers normally have the outlined guidelines and these are provided among the certified service partners for them to guarantee a longer life for the filters since they are being cleaned thoroughly. Only the certified service partners can assure you that your filters are cleaned and maintained correctly.

Global DPF Cleaning

The process in which the accumulated and trapped particulate matter is oxidized is normally called DPF cleaning. Oxidizing of particulate matter can be facilitated by baking in a kiln on high temperature which is normally done in a couple of hours. When cleaning your very own Global DPF, it is substantial to have an understanding of how the dirt took place (remember, this could alter the process of cleaning with some filters). It is in fact an active filter and therefore the majority of the dirt must be oxidized inside the regeneration procedure. Except for any critical accumulation of dirt, your Global DPF filter should undergo the cleaning process at least once every year.

The Proper Cleaning Procedure For Your Global DPF

Looking for the proper procedures on how to clean a diesel particulate filter? Here are the step by step procedures that should be employed to ensure a very clean Global DPF filter. The filter element of the Global DPF filter is easy to work with, whether reinstalling or removal, because of its spectacular design.

  1. The filter element should be removed from the burner
  2. The filter element should be weigh. List down the weight
  3. Look over the filter for any sort of dirt and dust accumulation
  4. Wash the filter extensively with the help of a high pressure water
  5. Look over the filter for any sort of residues of dirt and dust
  6. At specific temperature, bake in a kiln for about 6-8 hrs.
  7. Remove any ash residue by vacuum
  8. Look over the filter to make sure that all of the dirt and dust were fully removed
  9. Install the filter to the burner


Certified Service Partners – DPF Cleaning Services

DPF Cleaning is only for certified service partners. All the partners of Global DPF are well-trained and certified to deliver the best care and handling among the filters. Global DPF provide its full support to promote exceptional safety and make longer the filter’s life along with vehicle. Get your certified service partners now. Call 877-432-6649.







Cleaning DPF Filter

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