How To Clean Diesel Particulate Filter

Efficient Cleaning Of Diesel Particulate Filter

How to clean diesel particulate filter? Cleaning DPF can be facilitated in a lot of ways based on the sort of filter that needs to clean. Cleaning active and passive filters may vary by process depending on the manufacturer. Certified service providers are the best to count on whenever the cleaning of DPF arises. Only the certified service providers have access to the specific guidelines of the manufacturers, enabling them to execute the best cleaning procedures for your filters. Using them will guarantee you that your filters are properly cleaned by the professionals.

Global DPF

DPF cleaning is simply the practice of removing or oxidizing the accumulated and trapped dirt within the filter. Soot and dust is being oxidized through baking it in a kiln at extreme temperatures for a long period of time. If you are working to clean your Global DPF, it is essential to track down just how the trapped dirt arises as this can modify the cleaning procedures with some filters. Global DPF is considered an active filter and majority of the particulate matter must undergo oxidizing process in the course of regeneration process. Global DPF should be cleaned at least once a year except if accumulation of dirt is suspected.

Step By Step Process For Cleaning The Global DPF

Do you exactly know the effective steps on how to clean diesel particulate filter? Follow the important steps below to ensure that your Global DPF is properly cleaned. Due to its modular design, the filter element of Global DPF is very easy to reinstall and to remove. Let’s begin with the steps!

  1. Extract the filter element against the burner
  2. The filter element should be weigh. Make sure to record the weight
  3. Check your filter for any signs of accumulation of dirt
  4. Thoroughly wash your filter using pressurized water
  5. Check the filter for any dirt leftover
  6. Bake in a kiln between 6-8 hours at high temperature
  7. Remove any residual ash from the filter
  8. Check the filter to make sure that all the grime has been totally removed
  9. Install the filter back to the burner

Go To The Certified Service Providers For DPF Cleaning


Entrust your DPF cleaning only to the certified service providers. All the partners of Global DPF are trained and certified to provide 100% customer satisfaction in the field of DPF cleaning. Global DPF not only provides the best-known procedures for DPF cleaning but they also equipped them the necessary tools to get a well done job thus providing a longer life for your filter and your beloved vehicle.



How To Clean Particulate Filter

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