Boshart Engineering is proud to have Global DPF headquartered with them in sunny Ontario, California. Our product development, design, engineering, testing, assembly, and quality control operate out of our Ontario location. |

Boshart’s Global DPF means more “Uptime” for fleet owners / managers with not only its advanced DPF technology capabilities, but their Ontario offices house all their distributors and fleet owners needs in one location to fully support all their needs in a timely manner, including:

Administration, Sales, and Marketing
Installation and Product Support
Technical Training and Warranty Support

Boshart’s Global DPF diesel particulate filters (DPF) are CARB verified and are either available immediately or within just weeks of your order being received, resulting in many benefits:

  • Extending the operating life of expensive diesel powered equipment
  • Toxic air contaminant reduction (diesel particulate matter) = improved air quality and health
  • Job creation and economic stimulus in the communities distributors provide retrofitting services
  • Climate change benefits created by air contaminant reduction
  • Diesel Retrofit = Health + Climate + Jobs + Asset Utilization

Boshart Engineering has very high standards for its Global DPF product. The only way we can meet our own rigid design and performance objectives is to use the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes from start to finish. That’s why our Global DPF is made from durable, robust stainless steel with a  metal mesh filter to offer you continued performance with a quick regeneration.

Ken Boshart, founder and President of Boshart Engineering, has created a positive culture that empowers our engineers and technicians to utilize the flexible work environment for dynamic brainstorming, out-of-the box thinking and innovation to ensure excellent product integrity.

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