Particulate Filter Cleaning

Particulate Filter Cleaning


Performing a Particulate Filter Cleaning will depends upon the type of filter (active or passive). And filter manufacturers have their own procedure in cleaning active and passive types of filters. The particulate filter cleaning should be assigned to the experts or to the certified service providers. Manufacturers of these filters have come up with specific methods provided to their certified service providers. So you will have the assurance that your filter will be properly cleaned and could last longer. These professionals will definitely help your filters properly maintained.


Particulate Filter Cleaning – Econix DPF-A


Particulate filter cleaning is consists of removing accumulated soot and oxidizing collected particulate matter. To oxidize, a kiln is being used to bake the filter at a significantly high temperature at a specified time. If you have an Econix DPF-A filter, you should initially investigate how the build up occurred so that you will know the right procedure to use. Oxidizing soot accumulation in an Econix DPF-A filter happens during the process of regeneration. If it has no other abnormal accumulation, then the Econix DPF-A filter can only be cleaned once a year.


Particulate Filter Cleaning – The Procedure of Cleaning Econix DPF-A


The Econix DPF-A has a modular design for an easy removal and reinstallation of filter element. The proper procedures should be followed in cleaning Econix DPF-A to make sure it has been cleaned appropriately. Here are the basic steps in particulate filter cleaning.


  • Take off the filter from the burner.
  • Get the weight of the filter and record it.
  • Check the accumulated build up.
  • Use high-pressured water to thoroughly clean the filter.
  • Check the filter for particulate matter residue.
  • Use kiln to bake it 6 to 8 hours at a high temperature.
  • Use vacuum to eliminate the rest of the residual ashes.
  • Check the filter if all accumulated build up has been removed.
  • Put back the filter into the burner carefully.


Particulate Filter Cleaning – Authorized Service Partners


Authorized Service Partners are the professionals in particulate filter cleaning. They are being trained and certified by Econix to make sure the filters are properly handled and maintained. Econix gives them the proper devices and guidelines to ensure personal safety and the filter’s stability. To acquire their services call authorized service partners at 877-4ECONIX or 877-432-6649. For more information, please click here.



Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning



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