Particulate Filter Removal

Particulate Filter Removal

Diesel particulate filter removal can be necessary for a couple of reasons, like routine maintenance or if issues arise with filter regeneration. When possible, Certified Global DPF Distributor Partners and Service Providers install the filter in a manner that will make particulate filter removal easy.  Other factors considered when performing an installation include available space, necessary equipment (toolboxes), special equipment (DOC placement) and vehicle usage (clearance for the arms of trash truck).

Particulate Filter Removal – 3-Month Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance on the Global DPF is required every 3 months but does not require particulate filter removal. Global DPF provides a 3-Month Maintenance inspection sheet to help qualified service providers properly maintain the filter.  The 3-Month Maintenance requires the overall installation be examined to verify the mounting condition is still secure with no sagging. All harness and fuel lines are inspected to ensure they are secure and undamaged. The lamps and buzzer on the controller are checked to ensure they are in proper working order. Sensors, diesel fuel injection device, shutter assembly and spray nozzle are checked for proper functionality.  The shutter and spray nozzle are also cleaned. The wiring and cables are checked for continuity.  The 3-Month Maintenance generally takes 2 hours to complete.

Particulate Filter Removal – 1-Year Maintenance Requirements

The 1-Year Maintenance includes the same requirements as those listed on the 3-Month Maintenance inspection sheet. In addition, the 1-Year Maintenance also requires particulate filter removal and filter element cleaning. This means, the filter element portion of the diesel particulate filter must be removed and professionally cleaned per manufacturer specifications. This is required to ensure the filter is properly maintained and extend the life of the filter.  Since the 1-Year Maintenance requires particulate filter removal and element cleaning, it takes significantly longer to perform. To clean the filter properly, it takes approximately 6 to 8 hours. Taking into consideration particulate filter removal and re-installation, the 1-Year Maintenance can take up to 12 hours to complete properly.

Particulate Filter Removal – Certified Econix Distributors and Service Providers

Certified Global Distributors and Service Providers have been properly trained to ensure fast and easy particulate filter removal. They are experts at providing quality customer service and ensuring Global DPF owners are satisfied customers. Only Certified Global DPF Distributors and Service Providers are authorized to work on and clean Global DPF filters. To find a Certified Distribution Partner or Service Provider near you call 877-432-6649 or click here.



Remove Diesel Particulate Filter

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