What Is A DPF Filter

What is a DPF Filter?

Since 2007, the European Emission Legislation has become progressive and stringent on the levels of emissions that vehicles give off. Older diesel engines usually give off black exhaust smoke from the burnt diesel fuel that produces sooty particles and particulates. Most engines that run on diesel are now installed with a DPF filter system to minimize soot emission and comply with these legislations.

For those, who do not know what is a DPF filter, it is actually similar to catalyst converters used on petrol-running cars. It is important for diesel car owners to know what is a DPF filter in order to understand its benefits and use, as well as ways to improve their engine’s performance.

DPF filters are actually designed to catch soot and particulates from the diesel engines. Wall flow type of particulate filters can block 80% to 85% of the soot and in heavy loaded situation; achieve soot removal of close to a 100%. With a properly installed DFP filter system, a diesel powered engine will only have a thin ash-like smoke as emission from its pipe.

What is a DPF Filter For?

Dumb about diesel engine terms? You’re not the only one. New owners of diesel powered vehicles will find it confusing to learn everything that’s about their cars especially if it’s their first car. Technology has also made a lot of improvements in today’s car engines that it can be quite hard to keep up with the terms coming out such as what is a DPF filter and how does it affect your engine performance?

DPF appears just like the traditional silencer in exhaust, but these are placed closer to the engines. Inside these are maze of honeycomb structure which filters exhaust gases and reduces the flow of fuel. It forces these exhaust through the walls of the DPF so the particulates are deposited and lesser air pollution is exits out the pipe.

What is DPF Filter Regeneration?

Though it can still be quite hard to take everything you need to learn about what is a DPF filter, you should additionally read on how to maintain it to avoid any problems. It is safe to say that any filter has a limited capacity. DPF filters needs to be cleaned out or regenerated to avoid blockage. It is also important to keep track of it to prevent getting an overfilled filter. This can damage your engine and the entire DPF filter system too.

DPF Problems

DPF Regeneration

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